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Helena Bonham Carter & Johnny Depp - You lied to me lyrics

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No, no, not lied at all!
No, I’ve never lied!
Said she took a poison, she did
Never said that she died!
Poor thing!
(Lucy, I’ve come home again…)
She lived, but it left her weak in the head
All she did for months was just lie there in bed!
Should have been in hospital,
Wound up in Bedlam instead.
Poor thing!
(Lucy! Oh, my god!)
Better you should think she was dead.
Yes I lied cause I love you!
I’d be twice the wife she was!
I love you!
(Lucy, what have I done?)
Could that thing have cared for you like me?

Mrs. Lovett, you’re a bloody wonder,
Eminently practical and yet appropriate as always!
As you said repeatedly: 
There’s little point in dwelling on the past!
Do come here my love.
(Do you mean it?)
Not a thing to fear, my love!
( I swear, I thought it was only for the best, believe me!)
What’s dead is dead!
(Can we still be married?)

The history of the world, my pet…
(Oh, Mr. Todd! Oh, Mr. Todd, 
Leave it to me!)
Is learn forgiveness and try to forget!
(By the sea, Mr. Todd, we’ll be comfy and cozy.
By the sea, Mr. Todd, there’s no one nosy.)
And life is for the alive, my dear.
So let’s keep living it!
Just keep living it!
Really living it!

There was a barber and his wife
And she was beautiful.
A foolish barber and his wife.
She was his reason and his life.
And she was beautiful!
And she was virtuous.
And he was…
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