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John Michael Montgomery - Ain't Got Nothin' On Us lyrics

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But it's just a big ditch next to you and me
Ooo baby ain't got nothin' on us

There's earth-shaking power in the space shuttle
Well I feel that every time we cuddle
Ooo baby ain't got nothin' on us

I stop I stare
Sometimes I can't believe my eyes
My jaw just drops
Our love has got me mesmerized
I hear there's seven wonders in this big ol' world
Well don't they know that number 8 is you and me girl
Ooo baby ain't got nothin' on us (That's right)

They stop they stare
Sometimes they can't believe their eyes
Their jaws just drop
Our love has got 'em mesmerized

Well I've read about Romeo and Juliet
Wish I could tell Shakespeare I ain't impressed
Ooo baby ain't got nothin' on us

I'm tellin' you baby
Ain't got nothin' on us
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Author: Jim Robinson (11), Wendell Mobley

Composer: ?

Publisher: Atlantic Recording Corporation


Released in: 1996

Language: English

Appearing on: What I Do the Best (1996)

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