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John Butler Trio - Dont Understand

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Did you ever stop to think about whatcha gonna do
With your responsibility?
Or did you,
Just take this job cause it would
Be good for the money
And did you
Ever stop to think
About your duty to mankind
Or did you,
Think ya take this job do favours
For you friends and waste all our time?
So tell me man
Do you realize what you're doing to this good country?
Cause you're selling it all away for your economic
And you,
Justify everything you do
With the people that you say you're gonna employ
But the unemployment line is getting bigger every year
And you treat us all like toys.
We're just expendable to you
Along now with this land
And there ain't no room left for empathy
And this is something I don't understand
Don't make no sense to me
Justifying everything we do on our economy
And there ain't no room
No more room left for human decency
Justifying everything we do on our economy
And the only time you listen to the people
Is when you think you won't get their vote
Otherwise you really could not give a shit
Don't mind rockin all our boats
And the greatest living friend is a man who goes by
The name of apathy
And we let you get away with everything you like so
You make all your money
But I tell you something right now old man
And this is a fair old warning to you
That the people are waking up
And gonna make you accountable too
Just like the nazi trials in Nuremburg
Hell not so long ago
Gonna make you pay for what you have done
Gonna make you responsible
Cause I don't understand
don't understand
don't understand
what head space you are in
so it must be lies you're speaking
and the land that you love he could not give a damn
and the ocean that you love do you think he could give
a fuck about?
And the family that you love do you think he could give
A damn about?
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Author: John Butler

Composer: John Butler

Publisher: Jarrah Records


Released in: 2003

Language: English

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