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Joe Jackson - Look Sharp guitar chord

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>From: alester@MCS.COM (Andy Lester)
>Subject: Re: Req: TAB Got the Time by Anthrax

Please, let's remember that it's a COVER, kids.  The original is by Joe
Jackson from his essential _Look Sharp!_ album.

I'm certainly not dissing the Anthrax version on _Persistence Of Time_,

: This is a very simple song.  Just play the following power chords for the
: intro:

:   A   C   D   G

I don't know either way on the Anthrax version, but JJ's is B D E A.
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Author: Joe Jackson

Composer: Joe Jackson

Publisher: Spectrum Music (2)


Released in: 2010

Language: English

Appearing on: Access All Areas (2015) , Look Sharp! (1979) , Greatest Hits (1996) , Steppin' Out (2001)

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