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Jimmy Buffett - Piece Of Work lyrics

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(with Toby Keith)

I'm a piece of work, I'm iron and lace

I'm shy, I'm right up in your face

I'm all dumbfounded, stubborn as an ass

Sharp as an arrow in a pile of glass.

I'm a sweetheart, genius, reckless jerk.

Lord, have mercy, I'm a piece of work.

Well the Lord made me on a long thin limb

Made sure I'd remeber him or her

In the middle of a long dark night

Creation crazy, death-sheet white

Made in the image of a lion shocked lamb

I am who the hell I am

Even better, bad to worse,

Down to the letter, I'm a piece of work.

I'm a piece of work I'm an angels fiend

Bathed in lavender and gasoline

Scared brave, shallow in an ink black well

Lightly browned in the fires of hell

Wicked, holy, full on fake

Best known for my big mistake

I'm zen wise, peaceful, gone berserk

Good God almighty, What a piece of work.

I'm a dreadful sight, I just don't care

Spent all morning pull out my hair

Woke at dawn with a crazy spin

I was half the day trying to glue back in

Mother, bloody mary, please

Wipe that smile right off your knees

I'm the CEO of the mailroom clerks

Lord have mercy, I'm a piece of work.

I'm a piece of work, I'm a love sick boy

Cloth cap, caviar, and corduroy

All over the map, justa lost in space

With a filthy mind and a choirboy's face

Heels up, head down, straight on through

Watch out woman, I'm a get to you

I'm a gladiator with a mind to irk

I'm a see you later, I'm a piece of work.
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