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J. Forgiven - Fear No Evil lyrics

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Verse 1

Opposition, trouble in my way
I may cry but I won't be dismayed
And this temptation, I cannot sway
The Devil might be a gamer but I won't be played

Temptations heavy and I just need to breath
The Devil is so crafty, macaroni and cheese
The struggle is real with what is right and how I feel
Sometimes I'm posing I'm closing up, keeping this pain concealed

I gotta see that line, man I can't cross that border
I wanna be forreal I never ever wanna be sort of
Sort of in, sort of out man hypocrite
Sort of hot and sort of cold man I'm sick of it

So I'm living it true faith is doing
I'm not asking all them questions, making statements, assuming
Yes si, leaving fear in my old days
Embracing Paradise, man Paradise like ColdPlay


Even in the Valley of the Shadow of Death
I won't be afraid cuz I'm not by myself
I fear no evil
I fear no evil

Your rod and your staff, they comfort me
And I won't bow down to the enemy

I fear no evil
I fear no evil

Verse 2

Jesus Christ the perfect propitiation
For humanity, yes sir, not just our nation
But there's a notion that we don't have to cross those oceans
Chalk it up as a bonus even though them people hopeless

But I read the scriptures and see that we are commissioned
Look at Jonah swallowed whole, he ran from his mission
And faith will fill a need
No I'm not Adam Sandler but call me Mr. Deeds

We gotta spread hope through our affection
Look at Paul and his band of boys moving in one direction
Spreading the gospel man Heaven is the end zone
I'm so thankful with God I'm in the friend zone

Yeah it's a good thing grace is multiplied
When I'm in the Valley of Death, He's my strength so I'm fortified
No fear man it's driven to an end
Not afraid of the night cuz in the end I win


I said no, I'm not afraid
I'm not a slave no more

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