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Iron Monkey - Black Aspirin lyrics

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I sad I killed a sick dick on booze and dos
 Evil adder rocket - bag lever
 Did a downer set, milk ass prosthetic

 Black aspirin
 Evil 10 submission
 Black aspirin
 Eyes fuckin' burst ya!

 Fucking aspirin takin' over
 Its the law, fuckin' diamond whore the law

 Black aspirin
 Fuck fuckin' stink
 Black aspirin
 Cruel as a dagger

 Pain transmitter, fuckin' adder
 Amped to aspirin I gotta tell ya!

 Tonight grave garbage cup
 Shits turns sour, fuckin' aspirin

 Recovery from the fuckin' stink
 Of the fuckin' weight of the 400

 Black 'kin' aspirin
 Fuckin' aspirin


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