INXS - The Gift lyrics

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We were trying
Out of nowhere
Just in time

Let you take me
Deep down the river
Kiss the changes
That shape my life

Left behind
All the tracks that
I could find

All these scars are mine

I was thinking
Got the feeling
The gift you gave
Is gonna last forever

All the lies you find
All the truth you see
Rise and fall
But I know what's mine

Here we lie
Looking up to
Empty sky
And the promises we find

I'm not the first one
To ask why

All we ever try
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Author: Jon Farriss, Michael Hutchence, Andrew Farriss

Composer: ?

Publisher: Mercury Records


Released in: 2004

Language: English

Appearing on: Full Moon, Dirty Hearts (1993) , Definitive+ (2002) , The Greatest Hits (1994)

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