INXS - All The Voices lyrics

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There is a lot of words
Tears fall down my face
But I hear the many voices that cry in pain

I wanna tell you
Don't give it up
I wanna tell you
Don't give it up

Hear the voices
Wraps around you
All the people
Never doubt it
Hear the voices
Take a look at what's around you
All the people
We can change things never doubt it

We won't take new start
Is it just too much to ask
What does it take
'Cause I hear a million people singing the same

@ALBUM: _Listen Like Thieves_ 1985
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Author: Andrew Farriss, Michael Hutchence

Composer: ?

Publisher: Truism, Atlantic Recording Corporation


Released in: 2014

Language: English

Appearing on: The Swing (1984)

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