Impaled Nazarene

Impaled Nazarene - Mika Luttinen's Letter

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This letter came in the CD booklet
Of the limited edition of "Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz" CD

Dear listener,

You are holding in your hands the re-release of I.N.'s debut CD. Since
This release has extra material and the original cover, some things
Need to be explained, only to point the truth out of this release.

For some odd reason, people tend to see our band as one of the black
Metal/neo-nazi bands that are now taking the role in world wide
Underground scene. This original cover is a picture taken from a 2nd
World War propaganda picture book, which in fact has been released in
England at war time; this picture stands against nazism.

To say it shortly: Our band has nothing to do neo-nazism or whatever.
We are not part of the trendy black metal scene where only "action
Behind the music" seems to be important, where only true people are
Spreading their senseless "laws" and where brainless iidiots are
Eating all the shit they are being offered.

Before entering the subject of extra tx on this very CD, I would like
You all to think with our OWN brains. Do not believe all the stupid,
Senseless rumours which are going around about our band. Impaled
Nazarene is four sane human beings, we are not demonic seed from the
Very pits of hell.

As for extra tx, first you find Sadogoat EP which was recorded at the
Same time as pur debut. Since it is sold out we thought it would be
Cool to release it as CD format as well. Next can be found our 1st EP,
Goat Perverson, the EP we regret we made. As most of you know, there
Are Nosferatu "Records" flyers around telling bullshit of me and our
Band. The fact is that Roberto Cannavo ripped us off and I wished it
Would have been only us, but we got over 150 letters from all around
The world with people complaining they didn't receive anything from
Nosferatu. And these people sent in money may I remind you. Anyhow,
We got from N.R.$250 for the studio, having to produce over 75% of the
Studio costs by ourselves. Mr Cannavo also fucked up our front/back
Cover and the sound on the EP. Those unfortunates, who happen to own
This EP, are finally able to hear it the way it was meant to sound.
Included is also Sarcofago's cover track which wasn't supposed to be
On the original EP but naturally such an unprofessional company as
Nosferatu, the track was printed without being mentioned on the back

Speaking of which, Cannavo had guts to put down other labels when he
Was just a rip-off himself. And to avoid misunderstandings, we have
Nothing against Sinoath.

Finally included is our demo tape, Taog Eht Fo Htao Eht, sold out,
666 copies. Since it's sold out, those who want to hear it can do so
Yet with better quality. Perhaps you can hear how we have improved
From the demo days too.

We thank you Osmose Productions for giving us opportunity to release
This in it's orginal form. We believe in freedom of expression and

Mika Luttinen/Impaled Nazarene - 14.10.1993
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