Impaled Nazarene

Impaled Nazarene - Into The Eye Of The Storm

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Into the eye of the storm

It hits you like a train

And crawls under your skin

You are sure of death

Afraid of everything else

Into the eye of the storm

The pounding will never cease

The shaking will never die

The burning just won't stop

As you count your wounds

[Cho:] Yet I fall for it every time

I bow my head to king alcohol

I think it keeps me totally sane

Yet I know it drives me insane

So I keep on walking this thin line

This path to my own demise

Into the eye of the storm

You lay awake in the night

Afraid to close your eyes

When the sleep finally comes

Nightmares are endless

[Repeat chorus]

Most of the time I hate being alive

I am a caricature of a human being

It just gets worse the older you get

I swallow my pride which I never had

So at my lowest I know the solution

It kills all the problems, the balancing factor

Fuck this and fuck you too

Into the eye of the storm

It makes me feel like a king

I am an unstoppable warrior

On my way to the battle

You all can fuck off!
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