Impaled Nazarene

Impaled Nazarene - Human Proof

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And swallow all their fucking shite
Then I built a shelter, to protect my thoughts
'cause it is all against me

Feel the hatred Start shivering
My destiny is human-proof me

Any positive feelings, cannot afford to have
'cause they are all in fucking vain
No use to be stronger when I can be meaner
And use the cattle just to gain

Once I reach the state of my new godhood
I will turn into the asshole you told I am
'cause there is no conscience, there will be no limits
For all the shit I will put you thru
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Author: Mika Luttinen

Composer: Reima Kellokoski

Publisher: Osmose Productions


Released in: 2000

Language: English

Appearing on: Nihil (2000)

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