Impaled Nazarene

Impaled Nazarene - Condemned To Hell

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Bastard son didn't win

I summon to thee to come to me

To find the peace, harmony

Infernal, agony

Mayhemic devastation, unholy benediction

Controlled by his majesty

You'll suffer, eternally

Do you believe in agony ?

Only pain is...real!

"ÃÆ'„ÃÆ'¤liÃÆ'¶t, ylistÃÆ'¤kÃÆ'¤ÃÆ'¤ saatanaa,

sillÃÆ'¤ ainoastaan saatana on todellista !!!"

Bestial majesty rules the universe

Burning flames, holocaust

Charred souls, no return!!!

Spiritual prophecies turned into total shit

Messiah now vomitting as I masturbate on him

Do you believe in agony ?

Only pain is real!

Damned to fucking hell!!!
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Language: English

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