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Ian Tyson - Navajo Rug Ver 2 guitar chord

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Date: 11/17/98; 3:46:14 PM
From: "Jim and Donna Lawrence" 
Subject: t/tyson_ian/navajo rug1.crd

Song: Navajo Rug
Sung By: Ian Tyson
CD: �Cowboyography� and �All the Good �Uns�
Written By: Ian Tyson/Tom Russell
Transcribed By: M. Lawrence
(My version of this great Ian Tyson song)

(Capo 2nd Fret)

Intro:  G   Em   C   D
Verse 1.
D          G                                  Am
Well it�s two eggs up on whiskey toast * And home fries on the side
                                  Am7      D
Wash it down with the road house coffee * Burns up your insides
        G                              Am
Just a Canyon-Colorado Diner * And a waitress I did love
I sat in the back �neath an old stuffed bear
       D                      (stop)
And a worn out Navajo rug

Verse 2.
          G                                         Am
Well Old Jack, the boss, he left at six * And it�s Katie bar the door
                            Am7              D
She�d pull down that Navajo rug * And she�d spread it across the floor
Hey, I saw lightning �cross the sacred mountains
     Am                         C
Saw woven turtle doves * I was sittin� next to Katie
On that old Navajo rug

D          G    Em      C                 D
Aye, Aye, Aye, Katie * Shades of red and blue
           G    Em      C                                     G
Aye, Aye, Aye, Katie * Whatever became of the Navajo rug and you
Em      C                 D
Katie, shades of red and blue

Verse 3.
Well I saw old Jack about a year ago
He said the place burned to the ground
And all I saved was this old bear tooth
And Katie, she�s left town
Oh, but Katie, she got her souvenir too
Jack spat a tobacco plug
Well you should have seen her a-coming through the smoke
Draggin� that Navajo rug
(Repeat Chorus)
Verse 4.
So every time I cross the sacred mountains
And lightning breaks above
It always takes me back in time
To my long lost Katie love
But everything keeps on a-moving
Yeah, everybody�s on the go
You don�t find things that last anymore
Like an old woven Navajo
(Repeat Chorus twice and fade)
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