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Ian Tyson - Alcohol In The Bloodstream guitar chord

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Date: 11/17/98; 3:25:27 PM
From: "Jim and Donna Lawrence" 
Subject: t/tyson_ian/alcohol in the bloodstream.crd

Song: Alcohol in the Bloodstream
Sung By: Ian Tyson
CD: All The Good ´┐ŻUns
Written By: Ian Tyson
Transcribed By: M. Lawrence

Verse 1.

Intro: A     F#m     A     F#m
A               D
I came home to find you were gone
On a cold grey morning
                           D                    E
I remember now that's the way you said it would be
D                 G
Like living in a bad dream
C                F
Alcohol in the bloodstream
                 A   D                    A     D
Goin' to have to do - 'til I forget about you
A  D                      A
Ooo- 'til I forget about you

Verse 2.
Some dead wild flowers
And a bottle of vodka on the kitchen table
Flowers for the good times and booze for the bad
I can curse I can scream
But alcohol in the bloodstream
'Bout the best I can do - 'til I forget about you
Ooo - 'til I forget about you

F#m                        E
Now my strings are all unstrung
Everything I could do I've done
Just waiting for daylight to come, to come


I wonder where you've gone
And I wonder how long I can take this loneliness
Two hundred first calf heifers and a deal is a deal I guess
Then I'll roll my bed get away clean
Alcohol in the bloodstream
Goin' to quit you too
Then I'll forget about you
A  D                       A   D
Ooo - 'til I forget about you
A  D                       A   D
Ooo - 'til I forget about you
A(one down-stroke)               A     D    A    D    A    E    A
Ooo - 'til I forget about you
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Stoney Plain Cd's & Cassettes


Released in: 1996

Language: English

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