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An Pierlé & Ian Clement - Source Material

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There's voice in the wild
Sharing their desires
Spinning up my spine
Looking through my eyes
There's so much to see
There's so much to hear
These voices you admire
Consume you in the fire
Confused is not inspired
I don't think you're a liar
But all I see
All I hear
Is nothing
I'll scratch it in the sand
The message that commands
My automatic hands
Unfold the plans come and see
And read it clear
A circle and a line from some distorted hide
Might where you mind but I can't clarify what it means
Cause all I see
Life from the edge
Is an open road
It drives you and haunts you to the shadows
Down in the crevice lie the gifts from souls
But the victim could easily drown in the spoils he answers
The voices left my side
No longer occupied
Nothing to defy
Where to now
And who's this ??
You woke up from a trance
You can finally advance
Start making sense again
And give me a chance
Let it be
See what I see
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Author: ?

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Released in: 2019

Language: English

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