IAM - Yasuke

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Published by: Def Jam

Published in: 2019

Release type: Full CD

Disc 1
Disc 2
  • Omotesando (Instrumental) (Submit)
  • Yasuke (Instrumental) (Submit)
  • Mosaïque (Instrumental) (Submit)
  • IAM feat. Psy 4 de la Rime - Self Made Men (Instrumental) (Submit)
  • Les choses, telles qu'elles paraissent (Instrumental) (Submit)
  • On va tous les zinguer (Instrumental) (Submit)
  • IAM feat. Kalash - Eldorado (Instrumental) (Submit)
  • Le train de l'argent (Instrumental) (Submit)
  • Qui est? (Instrumental) (Submit)
  • IAM feat. Femi Kuti - Remember (Instrumental) (Submit)
  • Rap Warrior (Instrumental) (Submit)
  • IAM feat. Skyzoo - Good Morning Song (Instrumental) (Submit)
  • IAM feat. Allen Akino, Faf Larage, Relo, Veust Lyricist & Red - Fin des illusions (Instrumental) (Submit)
  • Quand est-ce qu'on s'aime? (Instrumental) (Submit)
  • MC, tu perds ton sang froid (Instrumental) (Submit)
  • IAM feat. JMK$ - Once Upon A Time (Instrumental) (Submit)
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