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Hed PE - P drum tab

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Song title - P.O.S.
Band - (hed)p.e.
Drummer - BC
Tabber - (KieRan)Robinson

O=PLayed with right hand(swap from hi hat to snare)
0=Accented snare

(first thing,this song is played at an extremly fast pace,thats why thing havta be done so many times.)
this first bit is easy but it gets a bit tricky as you go along,make sure you actually read the whole song first!!

S|xxxx|0xx0|xxxx|0xxx| |xxxx|0xx0|xxxx|0xxx| x8-9 times

 H|xx-xx-xxx-x|  |xx-xx-xxx-x|
 S|---o----o--|  |---o----o--|
 B|o-o--o-o-o-|  |o-o--o-o-o-| x7

 H|xx-xx-xxx-x|  |xx-xx-xxx-x|
 S|---o-o--o--|  |---o-o--o--|
 B|o-o----o-o-|  |o-o----o-o-| x7

 B|o-o-o-oo-o-|  |o-o-o-oo-o-| x around 35

this is like the crazy bit near the end with the hard out wa-wa guitar pedals,as long as you keep a certain slowish pace its easy and sounds rrreeeall nice

 H|x-x-| |--x-| |x-x-| |--x-|
 S|-o-o| |Oo-o| |-o-o| |Oo-o| x5

and this is the end bit and its real hard,unfortunetly its done four times,this is the hardest bit of the song,its a combination of the 2nd to last bit and the second bit,do not under estimate this part!

 B|o--o------o--o--| x4
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