Hara'kiri - schizophrenia

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Last morning I had an argue
with my lover of the day
He said : ‘honey sugar baby love,
how are you today?’

Didn ‘t know who he was talking to
so I asked him who he meant
Did you sleep with me last night
Or did you sleep with Kent?

‘Who the hell is Kent’, he said
‘don’t know anybody with that name
Besides I’m not a homosexual
I’m a drag, which is not the same’

Oh dear, I think I fooled you
With my schizophrenic me
I hope you enjoyed the ride
With the boy inside of me
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Author: Caroline Werbrouck

Composer: ?

Publisher: The Twilight Bark


Released in: 2003

Language: English

Appearing on: Ha-Haha (2003)

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