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Nobody's Perfect by Hannah Montana Video and Lyrics

"Nobody's Perfect" is the first single released from the second season of the hit Disney Channel Original Series Hannah Montana.

It peaked at #31 on iTunes Top 100. It debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at #28 in June 2007, becoming the highest Hannah Montana debut until "Life's What You Make It" debuted at #25 in July.

On the Hannah Montana 2 CD, it is track #2, following We Got the Party and coming right before Make Some Noise.

The song is about accepting your mistakes and learning from them, and getting right back up after you fall down.

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Hannah Montana - Nobody's Perfect  Lyrics

Everybody makes mistakes... Everybody has those days... 1 2 3 4!
Everybody makes mistakes... Everybody has those days... Everybody knows what I'm talkin' 'bout... Everybody gets that way... [x2]

Sometimes I'm in a jam
I've gotta make a plan
It might be crazy
I do it anyway
No way to know for sure
I'll figure out a cure
I'm patchin' up the holes
But then it overflows
If I'm not doin' to well
Why be so hard on my self?

Nobody's Perfect!
I gotta work it!
Again and again 'til I get it right
Nobody's Perfect!
You live and you learn it!
And if I mess it up sometimes...
Nobody's perfect

Sometimes I work a scheme
But then it flips on me
Doesn't turn out how I planned
Gets stucked in quick sand
No problem, can be solved
Once I get involved
I try to be delicate
Then crash right into it
My intentions are good
Sometimes just misunderstood


Nobody's perfect!

I gotta work it!
I know in time I'll find a way
Nobody's perfect!

Sometimes I fix things up
And they fall apart again
Nobody's perfect

I know I mix things up
But I always get it right in the end

Next time you feel like... it's just one of those days...
when you just can't seem to win
If things don't turn out the way you plan,
Don't stay down! Try again! YEAH!

[Singing (x2)]
Everybody makes mistakes.....
everybody has those days.....
everybody knows what, what I'm talkin' 'bout.......
everybody gets that way

Nobody's Perfect!
I gotta work it!
Again and again 'til I get it right!
Nobody's Perfect!
Ya live and ya learn it!
And if I mess it up sometimes...
Nobody's Perfect!
I gotta work it!
'Cause everybody makes mistakes!
Nobody's Perfect.

Nobody's Perfect! No no! Nobody's Perfect! 

Hannah Montana - Nobody's Perfect Song Info

Released 2006
Recorded 2007
Genre	Dance-Pop, Pop Rock
Length 3:20
Label Walt Disney Records

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Author: Matthew Gerrard, Robbie Nevil

Composer: Matthew Gerrard, Robbie Nevil

Publisher: Walt Disney Records ?


Released in: 2007

Language: English

Appearing on: Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus (2007)

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