Half Man Half Biscuit (HMHB)

Half Man Half Biscuit (HMHB) - Urge For Offal

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Stale Craig on the guitar
Dean Almond on the drums
Vocals, Mick Exclusion Zone
Bass was down to me
We sprayed more than we played
Our name was everywhere
In the grime on lorries
Bound for Harwich and beyond

"More Brawn”, “I’m Out On Bail"
"She Looks Like Alan Gilzean"
"No Spare", and there we were
We had our first EP
Our Steve said we were dire
Though he was truly square
We were Urge For Offal
On the outskirts of our minds

Two shit gigs supporting Harsh
And interest started to wane
And Stale Craig decided that
He didn't like his brain
"Pear Halves", "State Of The Yard"
"Your Traumas Are Absurd"
We were Urge For Offal
On the outskirts of our minds
The best time of our lives

Pear halves, Libby's
All for me
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Probe Plus Records


Released in: 2014

Language: English

Appearing on: Urge for Offal (2014)

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