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Gwen Stefani - Total Hate 95 lyrics

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You're livin' your life without a care in the world

That's the way it should be

What's life like in a candy swirl

What's life like to me

Everyone is slowing down

Look once at life on the ground

You all are the people, they're runnin' around

Not making a sound

Total hate! total hate! total hate!

You're movin' along, just goin' your own way

Don't try to change

You're jumpin', you're runnin', you learn to play

Never try to rearrange

You're getting tired and starting to drag

Slowing down and that's sad

You're walkin' around, you're being a skag

Huh - well that's not my bag

Total hate! total hate! total hate!

You don't even know me so don't hate me

Sublime rockin' no doubt stylie

We do it monday and on friday

Get back to the show 'cause it's payday

11 o'clock, roll, roll it down

Rock the city with the number one sound

Long beat, long beach and it feels so fine

Rock this shit straight back to anaheim

Total hate, total hate

You're so fake, you make me shake

Your faded face is so irate

You share with none, you have no one

You're living your life in total hate

Total hate! total hate! total hate! total hate! total hate!

Total hate! total hate! total hate! total hate! total hate!

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