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Gwen Stefani - Comforting Lie lyrics

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I started out on the wrong foot

Now i'm not myself

I am Jekyll, I am Hyde

Found this place to hide 

Come seek me

Oh, so up and down

SO back and forth

So insecure

Can't get this taste out of my mouth

Swallow it down


Chours: Hold it, hold it all in

Let it build up

Build a bomb

Blow it, blow it away

Clear it all out

Just end it

I'm just a normal person

Without those problems

When did it change?

Admissions so embarrasing 

I'm on the verge of tears again


Oh look i took the band- Aid off

Did i take it off too soon?

Hysterical confession

My big courageous move

Don't gasp at the predictable

A comforting lie can't last

Preordained checklist of this awkward love

It's so sad


Sort it, sort it out

Just give it back

No thank you

Toss it,toss is away


Just give up

I can't decide 

This tug of war

I'm feeling weak
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