Guy Garvey

Guy Garvey - Angela's Eyes

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Good book but you got no proof
And I feel no joy
And I’ve been looking for my truth
Since God was a boy
Tried faith in humanity
But it sure made a man of me

I was headed for an early grave
‘Til I washed up on her tide
Yes I believe
In Angela’s eyes

Skipped on school and I ditched self-help
And I never knew a leader to lead
Eton mess you’re a lie made flesh
In a house full of robbers and thieves
No sign from the zodiac
And I want my fucking money back

I’m a disciple of the woman’s love
And her counsel kind and wise
Yes I believe
In Angela’s eyes

I’m a believer in a perfect girl
In a world of brazen lies
Yes I believe
In Angela’s eyes
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: ?


Released in: 2015

Language: English

Appearing on: Courting The Squall (2015)

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