Guns 'N' Roses

Guns 'N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction

Guns 'N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction

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Published by: Geffen Records

Published in: 1987

Release type: Full CD

About this Album:

this is a rock album thru and thru. 12 blistering tracks of rock n' roll. the band members are Slash on lead guitar, Duff Mckagan on bass, Axl Rose on vocals, Steven Adler on drums, and Izzy Stradlin on rhythm/lead guitar.

I highly suggest this album for any guitarist. It will make ur jaw drop and ur pants wet. If u like songs with crazy outros that are half the song (paradise city) or a song with just an insane outro (nightrain) or songs that are just fun to rock to and u could listen to all day this is the cd u have been looking for ur whole life. Slash is by far the most amazing lead guitarist ever and deserves better recognition. I highly suggest this cd to anyone. Go and buy it now.

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Monday 24th of July 2006 20:09

this is the best of guns n roses i think the good old rock n roll axls screming salshs guitar solo riffs n licks izzy rythm duffs bass steves druming all amazing that is what you call talent paradise city is amazing the outro slash is just going crazy but is still brilliant sweet child o mine the greast riff ever and a kick ass solo and axls voice is really great on this track he isnt screaming he is a really good sing as you can here on "patience" (gnr lies) this is a must have for any one with ears i can lis to the album all the way throgh (very rare for me) and can listen to the song like a million times with out getting sick of it mainly welcome to the jungle


Tuesday 21st of March 2006 16:00

10/10 ratin one of the greatest albums produced ! welcome to the jungle to kick it off , nightrain to get you in the mood , mr brownstone and paradise city to get your heads bouncin to the drum beat , sweet child o'mine greatest guitar riff ever if you want to learn a song thats the one !


Thursday 9th of March 2006 20:53

this is my bible as a guitarist i love this album the songs are so unbelievabley good and its their debut album, welcome to the jungle, paradise city and sweet child o mine all are on here slash is the last livin old school rock guitarist buy this album n find out why.

welcome to the jungle - 10/10
its so easy - 5/10
nightrain - 10/10
outta get me - 7/10
mr brownstone - 10/10
paradise city - 10/10
my michelle - 8/10
think about you - 7/10
sweet child o mine - 10/10 !!!!!!!
your crazy - 5/10 slammin solo though
anything goes - 7/10
rocketqueen - 10/10

this is just as good as 4 symbols by led zepplin, back in black by acdc or the wall by pink floyd


Friday 13th of August 2004 15:49

there are 12 mindblowing tracks and 53 minutes of the hardest best rock n roll ever created. the uns lineup was Izzy Stradlin on rhythm and lead guitar, Slash on lead guitar, Axl Rose on lead vocals, Duff Mckagen on bass guitar and Steven Adler on drums

From the kickoff of welcome to the jungle to the amazing flushed out paradise city stuck right in the middle to the best song ever written , rocket queen at the end this is the perfect album. It takes you through the twisting turning abuses and drugs and childhoods and wraps it up in head banging delight and SLASH IS GOD