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Green Bay Packers - G-Force Has The Guts lyrics

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Somebody's gotta get crazy; somebody's gotta go nuts
Someone's gotta show some Packer pride, and it might as well be us
Somebody's gotta go the extra mile; someone's gotta have guts
Somebody's gotta get a little bit wild, and it might as well be us

Verse 1
Welcome to the G-Force; we're all a certain kind
We're not afraid to lose control or maybe lose our mind
We can all make a difference, raise the flag and play some ball
We just want it more than the other teams do when we're ready for a brawl

We're the G-Force; yeah, we use our outside voice
We're the G-Force; it's a duty not a choice


Verse 2
Someday when you're ready, if you think you've got the guts
It's time to be a real fan and be like one of us
Put on your team colors, and we'll show you how it's done
The first thing to do is raise your voice and shout until it's gone


Yeah, the G-Force has the guts
And it might as well be us
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