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Graham Nash - Nothing in the World lyrics

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Nothing In The World

Written by Graham Nash

Pub. By Nashnotes, Inc. (BMI)

from the album Songs For Survivors

© 2002

There's something coming through – for you.

I can feel it in my heart – the question is can you?

Leave the love light in your eyes.

You must believe – it's true.

That there's nothing in the world I won't do for you.

When you live for love and lose, and your heart is gone.

That's no time for you to choose not to carry on, no

I know your world is full of pain

And your soul is black and blue.

But there's nothing in the world I won't do for you.

Well, I believe you know desire

But right now she don't know you.

And I can see your heart's on fire.

You better burn right on through.

‘Cause in the future you could find.

That there's someone there for you, just for you

And there'll be nothing in the world,

They won't do for you.
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