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Graham Coxon - Song For The Sick guitar tab

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Artist: Graham Coxon
Song: Song for the sick
Album: Kiss of the morning
Tabbed by: James Lindsay
Tuning (E, A, D, G, B, e)

This is a great tune by Blurs ex-guitarist. I went looking for this song on the net but no one had tabbed it so I decided to do it instead.

1= Hammer on:
This is just a little thing he utters between the verse and chorus occasionally

Intro: 1 G Am C Am 1 Em Am


Am G  Am                    C                          Am
It didn�t take you long boy to stop from being a friend
  G  Am                        Em
I hope you hear this song boy, cause I want your life to end
Am G  Am                C                  Am
And as I lie awake now, crying and grieving
  G  Am                     Em
I guess your happy some how cause you made me stop believing


Am  G  Am       C
Die Taylor die, you aint no friend of mine
Am  G  Am
You�re a scum sucking shi** guy
So die Taylor die

Verse 2:

Am  G  Am            C                     Am
Stab me in the back, your lower than a snake
  G  Am                      Em
Your brains are in your sac, you two faced F***king fake
Am  G  Am              C                      Am
You haven�t even tried to tell me how it feels
  G  Am                         Em
I guess that�s just your style, you aint no big deal


Verse 3:

1 Am  G  Am           C                     Am
Did you ever think, you�d get away with it
  G  Am                   Em
Your attitude just stinks you have it you little Sh**
Am  G  Am             C                       Am
Consider this a spell and watch where you tred
  G  Am                   Em                              1
And I�ll see you in hell, I�ll be laughing cause your dead

Chorus x 2

That�s it. Whip out your acoustic and play! Please rate this, I�ve never written a song with chords before so tell me if I did good or bad.


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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Transcopic


Released in: 2002

Language: English

Appearing on: The Kiss of Morning (2002)

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