Gorky's Zygotic Mynci

Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Spanish Dance Troupe lyrics

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woke up on monday and got ready for school 

put on my uniform it was three sizes too small 

i said "dear, dear, dear teacher 

i've been six years away 

and ain't finished my essay 

coz rock'n'roll rules ok!" 

my conclusion this summer 

was there was much too much rain 

so i ran off on thursday 

with a dance troupe from spain 

where wine, dance and music 

is the name of the game 

from bilbao to madrid 

my mind ain't been the same 

oh the rehearsals went easy 

and i'd learnt all the moves 

i was playing a tree trunk in a forest of fools 

now maria moved real good and i could if i would 

but when your mind's your prison 

things just don't seem so good 

and then we'll be married 

then we'll be happy 

and then we'll be married 

then we'll be happy 

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