Goodie Mob

Goodie Mob - Still Standing

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Stay strong my niggaz
 (gangsters  players)
 Stay up my niggaz (real niggaz)

 Verse One: T Mo

 Leavin the cut in a rage
 Loadin up my Mac  goin to my crib  to get my 12 gauge
 One of my boys just got shot  huh
 Fuckin around  in that million dollar spot
 A educated brother
 Didn't have no money for college he was taught the street knowledge
 Part of the plan
 to keep us fightin in the street instead of becomin a strong black man
 Every two weeks I see Sam
 pitchin out my check with no respect but I still don't give a damn
 Becaause I GOTTA make my dough
 My kill, rocked down, til I started seein cash flow
 Everything happens for a reason, choose the season
 to commit the perfect treason
 Who brought me -- to the land, of unfree man
 To move about and catch trout, by the dozens
 Even had my cousin locked down, at the feet shackled
 A one-way seat, to Milledgeville
 Nigga this real, how can you kill another
 when it's your brother? Still Standing

 Verse Two: Gipp

 I never thought about, talked about what I did
 Just experimented life as a young Gump
 Them days long gone, school bells done rung no mo'
 Spendin hours at the house in my favorite chair
 Slow mo', custom funk fingerprinted to carry a hucklebuck
 Feelin stuck with the art that my skin carries, scary
 If I ever had to plot again, needin my stick
 ?Gidgets to pidgits, moves to Philly and the crew?
 Nothin else to prove, fold a plot like chrome
 Salt lick teddy bears in the college student's room
 Speed, Gipp got that too
 Watch that dude, inspect that fool, Still Standing

 Chorus: all together

 Unscathed, cause this is pain
 This for soldiers to feel
 MC's, are running out of things to say
 Radio stations are running out of songs to play
 Still Standing, unscathed, cause of pain
 This for soldiers to feel
 MC's, are running out of things to say
 Radio stations are running out of songs to play

 Verse Three: Khujo

 On the sick side, of South Central
 33rd Avenue, block 600
 Workers have wash and car details
 The ese's got the fresh Chevrolet's for sale
 Twenty G's or better, the whole neighborhood tanked up
 What? On the fortress walls, there is no letters
 Buddha say, the Bloods are strictly outnumbered
 They beseiged, on the beats, Goodie Mo-B, run the creeps
 Y'all can have the streets, asphault caught many suckers
 slippin on wet floors, we puttin out the signs
 on krokers, C-I, T-Y, such a pity
 Bein suckled dry, like a newborn
 on his momma's titty before I retired I hit twenty
 True to cellulite with big ?room pesquite? on the porch
 Poundin, like cartoon Ennis, old school efforts
 through the Sunday down, Crenshaw sparkin
 Zoned out, off the ink, for life
 Goin through time and metal detectors, I can't take my weapon
 And I can't be no dope dealer
 Cause they be done put a hit out on a nigga, plus I can't keep up
 with them keys, locked in the fo'-do'
 Backseat drivers havin out-of-body experiences
 Wakin up, somewhere else... Still Standing

 Verse Four: Cee-Lo

 Each and every element that exists in this
 universe is manifested from a thought first
 Through the inner mind's eye of the unseen power in the sky
 Gave birth to Mother Earth and all it's worth to you and I
 This most loved invention, my conciousness is an extension
 of Him, yet I'm flesh and bone with a mind of my own
 To dig deeper than the surface, whether I learn
 from your upcomings or your downfalls we all have individual purpose
 It's amazing, how the streets do the majority of raising
 of children who end up dead before hearing what you said
 And it's sad, so all I can write about is what I had
 Interpretations of life good and bad with a pen and pad
 It seems like abortion, when I just write a small portion
 It's either crumpled up or torn without lettin the thought be born
 Young minded, and blinded in those days; I didn't want to
 have a thought that I couldn't raise, nurture, and care for
 Be there for, help prepare for, the times ahead
 When someone doesn't agree with what is said, huh
 And if they did, don't get all arrogant cause that's my kid
 Just be thankful that it's good and somebody overstood
 Now, the listener in here want the same flow but I gotta let it grow
 Clever enough to let it go, if I don't wanna rap no mo'
 And I'll make sure that no one ever forgets
 It's immortalized forever, on wax CD's and casettes
 And when someone goes to the store and purchases it for ten
 The life cycle starts all over again
 And I was granted this music as my soulmate, to procreate
 and give back what I was given, a life worth livin
 And I, am Still Standing, unscathed
 Pain is for suckers to feel
 MC's are running out of things to say, and
 radio stations running out of songs to play, shit!
 We Still Standing, unscathed
 And pain is for suckers to feel, huh
 And MC's running out of things to say
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: RCA Records


Released in: 1998

Language: English

Appearing on: Still Standing (1998)

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