Golden Earring

Golden Earring - gambler's blues lyrics

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The table's smokin', I got money to burn
Get ready to spin that wheel again
I came to gamble, not to dance tonight
So cut the cards and deal 'em nice
All or nothing, roll the dice
Son of a gun, there's somethin' goin' on

Yeah, today's my lucky day
Lady Luck, please come my way
I got money to burn, money to burn tonight
And as the dealer calls the play
I feel the shiver, comin' over me
Feel it in my fingertips alright

Cards slidin' faster and slicker
than a hooker's lips in the neon light

I do what I do, I'm a gamblin' man
I gamble on life and I gamble on love
Gamble on luck from above, anyway I can
Seven card stud, with a full-house hand
I'm a jackpot maniac, my friend
Tequila shots, one more chance
For the blackjack gamblin' man

The devil bets, he bets on hell
And seven come, eleven right
Holdin' eights and aces tight
The gambler bets on heaven tonight
The devil bets, he bets on hell
Goin' in for the kill
Holding eights and aces tight
It's the gambler's bet tonight
On heaven tonight

(c) G.Kooymans/B.Hay/E.H.Roelfzema - Soul-R System
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Author: B. Hay / G. Kooymans / E. Hazelhoff Roelfzema, George Kooymans, Barry Hay, E.H. Roelfzema

Composer: ?

Publisher: USM, Red Bullet Productions B.V.


Released in: 2017

Language: English

Appearing on: Paradise In Distress (1999) , The Last Blast Of The Century (2000) , Live in Ahoy 2006 (2006)

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