Gladyss Patches

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Ring the bell

With only seconds to impact
Now the curtains have drawn
Faced into the blackboard
The future is dead and gone
Spotlight on you brightly it shone
From beyond, how can you see with the blinders on
Flash the light hold still for the mugshot
Diced up and thrown into the melting pot
Forced to live with their lies and their ways
In all the hopes we’ll see better days

I’m still here and there’s no one else to see
It’s mind control as nine’s still wearing on

A no-brainer escape list
And the voice passes on
Coaxed into the front line
And sold on the telethon
Chin up high sporting their vest
The next day, you’re bowing to the faceless (ghosts)
That hold your life in their hands
Their plans? To have you killing your fellow man
Forced to live with their lies, and their ways
In all the hopes we’ll see better days

Set the rules
Fill the time
Ring the bell
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