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Garnet Rogers - Summer Lightning guitar chord

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Hey all,

   I mentioned in a private email to someone that I was going
to figure this one out, so I figured I'd share it with the
group.  Garnet probably does this in DADGAD tuning, but I
don't normally use that tuning, so I play it in drop-D.
Anyway, if anyone has other Garnet Rogers tunes, I'd love
to see 'em.

Summer Lightning - Words & Music by Garnet Rogers
(from the live album "Summer Lightning")

Intro: 4 bars of 'D'

D              Em   G                      D
I was driving West,   through the Bighorn Mountains
                Bm         D           A
The hills were heavy with new fallen snow
                    Em    G                      D
And the sun-bright hills    were dappled like a pony
               Em    G                D
I was driving hard,    I had miles to go

And a magpie flew across the mountain highway
It flashed and tumbled through the golden trees
And I thought of you and my heart was lifted
And floated with that magpie in the morning breeze

For where I go, you go with me
Though the mi-iles keep us apart
Your kiss is on my lips and your face before me
And your gentle hand, always on my heart

         G               D
We are brief as summer lightning
         A                  D
We are swift as swallows' flight
         G                 D
We are sparks that spiral upward
         A               Bm
In the darkness, in the night
         G           D
We are frost upon a window
          A             Bm
We won't pass this way again
Em                G            A
In the end dear, only love remains

Tonight the harvest moon hangs across the valley
I see the hills shine in its silvery light
It's the same old moon that shines upon you
It'll light my way until I'm by your side

Well, who scattered these diamonds through the vaults of heaven?
Who drew the curve of the magpie's wing?
Who shaped your face?  What made you love me?
Where is the spark of every living thing?

I guess I don't know, don't care either
I know you love me, how could I not see?
And I am yours, now and forever
'Til my lips fall silent and my eyes can't see

(Repeat chorus twice)

Since the song is in 'D', it helps a lot if you lower the 6th
string (low E) to a 'D' and play the following chord forms:

A:  x02220
Bm: x24432
D:  0x0232
Em: 222000
G:  5x0003

Very rough approximation of the intro:

E --------------------------------
B ----3-------3---------3---------
G ----2-----2---------2------2----
D --------0---------0----------0--  Repeat x4
A --------------------------------
D -0------------------------------

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Author: Garnet Rogers

Composer: ?

Publisher: Red House Records Inc.


Released in: 1994

Language: English

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