Gabriel Rios

Gabriel Rios - You Will Go Far

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Once there was a girl that made a boy
lift up by his legs out from the mold
a thing of flying rock and skin and bone 
brought into a house and dipped in gold 

He was told
you are more than ordinary
up and go
to the places you will go to

To those places how he 'd come and go
each time getting thrown back from the hole 
wearing cuts and bruises spitting nuts and bolts 
taught how to make words out of the noise 

All alone 
het got caught inside the very 
things he chose
because they seemd to like him too 

Oh, you will go far
Oh, you will go far

Out of names 
well, the boy went up in flames
now forever let it rain
he'll go stand out in a prairie 
grow his hair back in a storm

Oh, you will go far
Oh, you will go far
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Author: Gabriel Rios

Composer: ?

Publisher: Angelhead BVBA


Released in: 2010

Language: English

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