Gabriel Rios

Gabriel Rios - Angelhead

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Pretty little demon
Lets me call her Angelhead
Sometimes when I see her
She's lying next to me in bed
We be there late at night
She's saying nothing right
She says it's all messed up
and feels like giving it up
Just giving up
Just giving up

Peeking in the red
Like we're squeezing 'till we dead
Like there's nothing else instead
But the bleeding 'till it's bled
The TV's on the floor
There's someone at the door
The sun has just come up
And me and little Angelhead keep making love
A little love

I'm not ready for this world
So let me be
Goodnight Angelhead

Goodnight Angelhead
See you in the morning
Got to keep believing
Got to keep it going
It's gonna be alright
Just got to hold on tight
It's gonna go on even if you really wanna make it stop
It never does

'Cuz I'm a pagan
You're a pagan
Together well we get around
We heart the same songs breaking the mind
Dissing our kind
Plus we feel love come from above
And if the whole thing finally breaks we'll make it up
Just make it up

I'm not ready for this world
So let me be
Goodnight Angelhead

Who am I
To keep this going
Who are you
To bring me down
Good night Angelhead
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Author: Gabriel Rios, Jo Bogaert

Composer: ?

Publisher: Angelhead BVBA


Released in: 2007

Language: English

Translations: Dutch

Appearing on: Angelhead (2007)

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