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Tell me I'm your everything, all that you could need,
A saviour and a hero, lie to me at least,
Tell me I need challenges, a life full to the brim,
And a chorus line of motivators kicking my head in
I could do with a break, a holiday, a stretch of yellow sun,
I need to feel the ocean - it keeps me safe from harm
And I'd love to really feel the earth beneath my feet,
To feel that I am being swept along with it.
Give me all your troubles, I can take the strain,
I'm another Samson, I can feel no pain,
Watch me from a distance, see me buckle and break,
Knowing it would happen, knowing your escape
But I'm bang up to date, the modern man, an icon for my times,
I've nothing to declare except this fallacy of mine
And it may be too late to save myself, to stop the awful rot,
To kill the killer instinct, and suffocate the lot
Give me everything, give me everything you've got...
Can't get through, mouth open and mind closed
I still have tomorrow, I can wait that long,
I don't have to say another word,
I'll run out of breath before long...
I have heard the angels speak, crawling on all fours,
I don't listen to myself, I can't hear me anymore,
I have seen the darkened skies crashing to the floor,
I don't look much to myself, I can't stand it anymore...
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