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Carry me away
I know your angel eyes
can see through me
carry me away
far away from the love you give
so generously, so generously.
Woman oh! Oh!

I've got a burning heart
I need to tell you
that it's you I love
I got a burning heart
I need to tell you that
I never get enough
never, never, never
never get enough.
Woman oh! Oh!

Marry me today
I'll give you all I own
except my car
marry me today baby
I'll give you everything
but my guitar
but my guitar and my car
Woman oh! Oh!

Let me hold your tongue
for I know you'll understand
the way I feel,
Baby I know you'll understand
that all I want to do
is take your hand
I don't mean to do no harm Baby
I just want to be your man
Oh! I just want to be your man Baby

hey I want to be, I want to be,
hey, woman I'll be your man
Woman, I'll be your man
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