Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Twelve Inches

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Twelve Inches

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Published by: ZTT

Published in: 2001

Release type: Full CD

  • Warriors of the Wasteland [Attack Mix] (Submit)
  • Relax [New York Mix] (Submit)
  • Two Tribes [808State Remix] (Submit)
  • Welcome to the Pleasuredome [Fruitness Mix] (Submit)
  • Rage Hard (Stamped) (Submit)
  • Warriors of the Wasteland (Attack Full) (Submit)
  • Watching the Wildlife (Beobachtungen im Wilden Leben (Die Letzten Tage der Menscheit)) (Submit)
  • War [Hidden] (Submit)
  • Warriors [Of the Wasteland] [Turn of the Knive Mix] (Submit)
  • Two Tribes [Video Destructo Mix] (Submit)
  • Welcome to the Pleasure Dome [Escape Art Mix] (Submit)
  • Rage Hard [Freddie Bastone Mix] (Submit)
  • Power of Love '93 (Submit)
  • Relax [Sex Mix] (Submit)
  • Watching the Wildlife (Hotter) (Submit)
  • Rage Hard (Broad) (Submit)
  • Two Tribes [Hibakusha Mix] (Submit)
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