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extrait de 45 minutes

Inside my little world, there's a place for you and me 
I can make some space to help it grow
Don't you know, I'm interested in love
So I would find the right words to tell you what's inside of my mind
But I'm a slug, all I do, is creep down in the dirt
Alright, it's seems so clear when you're gone
Inside my little words, don't look in
There's nothing more than you should believe
There's only words that try to sound like poetry
And I'm waiting on the ground, standing there like a true piece of meat without mind and without will
I'm just glad to tell you empty truths
Alright, it's seems so clear when you're gone
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Author: Gaël Bertrand, Loïc Bodson, Gaëtan Libertiaux

Composer: ?

Publisher: 62 TV Records


Released in: 1999

Language: English

Appearing on: 45 Minutes (1999)

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