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When I fisrt saw you, I coudn't keep my eyes off you, I 
waited for you to call me, and you finally did, So I was 
vacant, alone bored and mostly sad,We went together, 
First kissed you not confident, and I am happy for once 
even though I have no fucking clue, What you think of me, 
So I just sit and write this song for you, If I could see 
you all the time, I definatley would but you live far 
away, I'll have to wait and see, We drove around for 
hours, we couldn't find anything to do, The mall was 
closed, my keys were locked, we just sat and waited a 
few, As I went to take you home, the gate was locked now 
what the fuck, I hopped up over the curb, me and you and 
my small truck, I love your eyes and smile and everything 
about you now, Hopefully you won't go away, Maybe I come 
on too strong, and maybe you won't wanna stay too long, 
that's the chance i'll have to take...
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