Fabolous - One Day

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It's easy to look at my life and don't see no pain
 I remember takin 3, 4 trains to re cocaine
 Standing in the lobby during sleet, snow, rain
 Waiting for fiends with a pint of beef lomain
 Breaking day on the grind, I used to be so drained
 But ain't a Saturday I wasn't up to see Soul Train
 Sometimes I ain't see no gain
 cause I was runnin to Ralphies everytime my trees showed stains
 I was lucky I ain't seized or maim
 Get shot or stuck up standin at them cee-lo games
 But now shit with these skios changed
 I ain't know why the fuck they used to look at me so strange
 Glanced at my neck and didn't see no chain
 Be saying "That's nasty," wouldn't give me no brain
 Y'all surprised F-A-B-O's sane
 In my rolla life, I done jumped in and out of 3, 4 lanes
 I'm still here

 My momma used to tell me
 "Son, you're gonna make it one day, it'll happen"
 Who knew I'd have what it takes,
 to be famous and one day I'd be rappin - no
 My papa used to ask me "Son, are you prepared?
 Cause one day it could happen"
 I dreamed about this game,
 but who would of believed that one day I'd be trapped in - no

 I just want some peace of mind
 Niggas will risk havin cuffs on their wrists
 for this masterpiece on mine
 Know that I'm a squeeze until the top of my piece recline
 I can't see myself in back of a Caprice confined
 But on a small island, too far for police to find
 With girls who look 'Rican and Guyanese combined
 I gotta make sure my niece is fine
 She get every doll for Christmas, new Jordans at Easter-Time
 Some be like "At least you signed"
 But that just make is easy to get pointed out at precinct lines
 All ya'll can see if every piece be dime
 And I be gettin Nikes before they even get released sometime
 Youngsters, don't let these videos geese your mind
 It ain't cool to end up deceased for shine
 And if you can't get the whole pot, just take a piece and grind
 Hold your head, your stress will cease in time


 Sometimes I wish I could go way back when
 I could walk thru and ain't nobody know Jay Jackson
 Everything was OK back then
 Now everybody playin a cool role and I know they actin
 I gotta go back through my ol' way packin
 These wolves know my jewels is filled with O'Shea Jacksons
 I don't care as long as my dough stay stackin
 But these niggas with me be eager to show they Mack 10s
 And I'm the one the PO's stay trackin
 Plus I got all these ducks around the ol' way quackin
 These hoes may crack grins
 but I swear to God I won't never take O.J's actions
 If I would've let this flow stay packed in
 I'd probably be with Nick and 'Rome, spending my whole day shacked in
 For now I just roll on those eight Jacksons
 'til Clue and Duro brings those gray plaques in


 One day it'll happen
 That One day I'd be rappin
 One day it could happen
 One day I'd be trapped in
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: WEA International Inc.


Released in: 2001

Language: English

Appearing on: Ghetto Fabolous (2001)

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