Elisa Waut

Elisa Waut - orange

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flowers are growing
colour of my life
making tomorrow a sunday
what a day of joy

if nothing is what it seems
then everything's a lie

and every time
I turn around
I die just a little more

sunlight is golden
colour of the sky
I've never believed in something
but now I wish I had

bring on the dancing children
when babies crawl and cry

what about me
what about me
let the pigeons free
what about me
what about me
I want you all to see

sad wishes
I'll make them all come true
sad wishes
I'll make them true for you

(c) 1990 Commedia / BMG Ariola Belgium nv/sa
tekst: Els Helewaut / muziek: Hans Helewaut
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Author: Hans Helewaut, Jean-Marie Aerts, Elsje Helewaut

Composer: ?

Publisher: BMG Ariola Belgium NV/SA, Commedia


Released in: 1990

Language: English

Appearing on: Wood Nymph Blonde (1990)

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