Elisa Waut

Elisa Waut - i don't need your flesh

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it's not true what they say
it's not fair what they want
all I want is to move around you
and I move well

simple things like this
grow for free in here
nice looking boys and girls make us move
and we move well

I don't need your flesh
I don't eat your heart
I don't want to feel you
ever again

the news is full of hate
love is full of air
the end of time is all around us
and we move on

twilight brings us stars
faces turn to white
and all I do is to move around you
and I move well

I try to look impressed
when I hear your talk
I don't have much faith
when I hear your talk

(c) 1990 Commedia / BMG Ariola Belgium nv/sa
tekst: Els Helewaut / muziek: Hans Helewaut
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Author: Hans Helewaut, Jean-Marie Aerts, Elsje Helewaut

Composer: ?

Publisher: BMG Ariola Belgium NV/SA, Commedia


Released in: 1990

Language: English

Appearing on: Wood Nymph Blonde (1990)

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