Elisa Waut

Elisa Waut - Don't Be Mad, Get Even

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I'm sitting on problems
That I can't solve
I look down on people
That I can't stand
I live on instinct
Laugh about you all
I solve the questions
By looking to the ground

I cry overnight
So I can laugh all day
Don't be mad, get even
Don't be mad, get even
Don't you don't you don't you
Be mad get even (2x)
Don't be mad, get even

The wind always strikes the highest trees
After you climb
There's a bottom waiting
To hurt you as you fall
Terrifying faces that make you
Look the other way
And smoke gets in your eyes
To be a lonely clown
In a world of smart people
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Ariola


Released in: 1987

Language: English

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