Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode - Live in Berlin Soundtrack

Depeche Mode - Live in Berlin Soundtrack

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Published by: Columbia

Published in: 2014

Release type: Full CD

  • Welcome to My World <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(6:42)</span> (Submit)
  • Angel <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:18)</span> (Submit)
  • Walking in My Shoes <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(6:33)</span> (Submit)
  • Precious <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(5:03)</span> (Submit)
  • Black Celebration <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:34)</span> (Submit)
  • Should Be Higher <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(5:51)</span> (Submit)
  • Policy of Truth <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(5:26)</span> (Submit)
  • The Child Inside <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:21)</span> (Submit)
  • But Not Tonight <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(6:48)</span> (Submit)
  • Heaven <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:13)</span> (Submit)
  • Soothe My Soul <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(7:15)</span> (Submit)
  • A Pain That I?m Used To <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:28)</span> (Submit)
  • A Question of Time <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:22)</span> (Submit)
  • Enjoy the Silence <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(7:27)</span> (Submit)
  • Personal Jesus <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(8:42)</span> (Submit)
  • Shake the Disease <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:58)</span> (Submit)
  • Halo <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:53)</span> (Submit)
  • Just Can?t Get Enough <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(6:03)</span> (Submit)
  • I Feel You <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(6:47)</span> (Submit)
  • Never Let Me Down Again <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(7:30)</span> (Submit)
  • Goodbye <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(5:34)</span> (Submit)
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