Damien Rice

Damien Rice - Damien Rice: O

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Published by: Warner Bros / Wea

Published in: 2003

Release type: Full CD

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A master piece. Damien Rice's debut is brilliant!!! No songs are bad, but the best are: Delicate, cannonball, older chests and cold water, even though thats nearly all of them!!! 10/10, 100% Whatever you want, this album is brilliant!!!

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Friday 17th of August 2007 20:04

Enchanting, Invigorating and pure poetry masterclass. Damien rice and Lisa hannigan bring music listeners on a journey. This is not your average journey but one of ever changing emotion. From the haunting wails of Eskimo to the honest lament like lullaby of the Blowers Daughter this album brings you into the depts of amazement.
With ten songs this small and personal album can be appreciated by all people regardless of music tastes. His voice progression from soft and seductively quite to raw and emotionally exploding is an act only the most honest of musicians can achieve. Each song, in its own way is better then the previous.Vyvienne Long's cello playing adds an awe inviting dimension to these songs and compliments the dreamy voice of Lisa Hannigan.
"O" by Damien Rice could be regarded as a work of art and I would reccomend its puchase to anyone...everyone actually. 5 Stars