Daddy DJ

Daddy DJ - Let Your Body Talk

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Part 1
The sun is going down
Day slowly fades 
Another week has gone
Slipped away
Tension`s flowing out from you
Like from a spring
You free your mind , you free your soul
The calm sinks in
You got to let your body talk

Part 2
Grab your phone, call some friends
Ask if they are free to go out
The whole night
Step in the shower, have a light dinner
Dress yourself a way in which you`ll feel all right
Not too tight
Down in the subway, you watch the people there
Heading toward the spot where they`ll find a rest
Or romance
You jump off the train, you cross a traffic jam
You pass through the club doors where the music is living
The people are flying, the DJ`s ripping
You got to let your body talk
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Author: David Le Roy

Composer: ?

Publisher: M6 Interactions, R.K.G. Records


Released in: 2001

Language: English

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