DAAU & Donkey Diesel - catfish blues

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At Sea, A Man’s To Lose His Past Day By Day 
A Pocketful Of Sand To Come Home To Again 
A Dime For Every Secret On Which Oceans Were Built 
Beakens Lit Wherever Throats Are Slit At Will 

You Don’t Miss Your Water 
Once All Hope Is Gone 
You Don’t Miss Your Water 
You’re Just Bound To Drown… 
In Catfish Blues 

He’s Got 9 Lives Of Cat Fights…Raw Like Milk 
A Penny For Each Thought On Which Nations Were Built 
A Waste Of Breath The Words To Come In this Ball And Chain 
With Room For One More Drink To Come Home To Again 

You Don’t Miss Your Water 
When Divided You Stand 
You Don’t Miss Your Water 
The Way Our Captain Can 

Now The Ship Is At The Landing With The Rains Pouring Down 
A Smile For Every Secret To Which His Thoughts Have Gone Out 
You Won’t Miss Your Water Not By Growing Them Fins 
But To Call Yourself A Sailor Once You’re Stranded With… 
The Catfish Blues

(c) DAAU & Donkey Diesel
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Author: Roel Van Camp, Han Stubbe, Simon Lenski, Buni Lenski, Angélique Willkie

Composer: ?

Publisher: Radical Duke Entertainment, Mad In Belgium vzw


Released in: 2004

Language: English

Appearing on: DONKEY DIESEL'S CHARM (2006) , Tub Gurnard Goodness (2004)

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