D-Nice - A Few Dollars More

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Where everywhere I turn  I seen somebody gettin bust
 Plus everywhere I look
 All I could see is a crackhead or a goddamned crook
 Runnin' around with a pistol or a blade
 Stickin' up    in other words  gettin' paid
 But I chose not to follow those ways
 Cause the only place you headin' is to jail or the grave
 But on the other hand
 I know a man named Stan
 Who in the future had plans
 To be successful on his quest to
 Take his moms and pops out the ghetto
 But that plan was soon to be crushed
 When one day he realized he must
 Get a better job to pay for his schoolin
 While his friends would sit around just coolin
 He applied for a job in the system
 And everywhere he looked, everybody would diss him
 He doesn't have any type of skill
 And life is not all games, it's real
 he took a long walk down the street
 Tryin' to think of a way to make his ends meet, huh
 So he could buy the fly things he adored

 And all Stan wanted to make was a few dollars more

 As he walked home, he thought to himself
 Now what am I supposed to do to get wealth
 He felt that his life was worthless
 Then he ran into his man named Curtis
 Now Curtis, he's the type that stops and brags
 About all the things he's got
 Drivin' a Saab with a black ragtop
 Come to find out Curt's workin' for the cops
 He told Stan there's a job that's open
 Makin' it all sound good, just hopin he would take it
 Yup, and like a big dummy
 Stan said "Freak it, yo, I need the money"
 Curt took Stan to meet his boss
 Officer Sims, a sergeant on the force
 He gave him a gun and Stan began
 His new career as a damn hit man
 his boss really liked his work
 And gave the boot to his partner Curt
 he didn't realize what he was in for

 And all Stan wanted to make was a few dollars more

 A few dollars more is what he started to make
 Now he's drivin' around a Saab, with a house upstate
 He got gold and diamond rings
 Crazy girls and all those glamorous things
 But one day this life-style end
 When one afternoon while hangin' with a friend
 Sittin' in the park, drinkin' quarts of beer
 And somebody said "Throw your hands in the air,
 It's a stick-up" and put the gun to his head
 And said, "Make another move and you're dead"
 Now Stan had to make is choice
 He paused and said I recognize that voice
 Huh, where have I heard this
 Now he remember, it's his man named Curtis
 Curtis is mad and felt he'd been robbed
 "Cause Stan is drivin' around in his Saab
 He looked at Stan and said, "I can't believe him,
 Now its' time for me to get even"
 Stan made a move real quick
 Curt jumped back and said, "Yo, that's it"
 Shot him in the back of his head with a nine
 Reached in his pocket, grabbed his cash and then dashed
 Now here lies the man on the side
 The same way he lived was the same way he died
 He never knew what he had in store

 And all Stan wanted to make was a few dollars more
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Zomba Recording Corporation


Released in: 1990

Language: English

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