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Conway Twitty - Beach Comber lyrics

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I was standing on the seashore

Looking down into the sea

When a good looking girl

Came a walkin' up to me

She was a blond haired

Green eyed good lookin' baby to me.

I said come on, come on baby,

Don't you walk the other way

I'll be right behind you, ahh honey,

Every step you take

'Cause you're a blond haired

Green eyed good lookin' baby to me.

Well, I never stopped, ahhhh baby, look into my eyes

Then baby do you realize how much I love you,

You'd never know, whoa, whoa, whoa, Whoa,

Whoa, whoa, whoa, oh yeah.

--- Instrumental ---

I went back to the seashore

And there beside me

Was my blond haired baby, 

Baby, she's lying there with me.

Well, She's a blond haired

Green eyed good looking baby to me.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

My blond haired baby,

Well, my baby, baby

Blond haired baby.

Baby, baby, my blond haired baby...
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